My name is Amos Pearce and this blog is all about me and my life.  I don't have time to write a blog because I am much to busy modelling and adventuring.

My mum is my social Media Manager so I have convinced her that she too should be responsible for my blog, and well she fell for it.  So this blog will be written from my mums perspective.  I should probably introduce her at some point...

So Was this always my name?
Nope.  His previous owner called him Chaos - can you believe it!  RSPCA Qld changed his name to Amos and well it kind of stuck and we all like it.

Born : Apparently I was born 28/03/2013

Star Sign :  Virgo

Date of Adoption : My favourite day ever 28/03/2015 from RSPCA Queensland

Breed : Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog x Beagle

Sex : Male 


  • Food
  • Chewing
  • Swimming
  • Fetch
  • Jumping
  • Meeting new friends

Dislikes :  Wind

Allergies : Beef which is apparently quite common in dogs.

Diet : 100% Raw Fed 

Hobbies : Chewing and modelling

Favourite Food : Tough one but I would have to say Bacon

Favourite Colour :

I guess I don’t really have a favourite colour but my hooman thinks I look good in red

We have created a blog so that we can share more of my life with all of my friends.

Our Main focus will be

  • My adoption story
  • My training
  • Product Reviews
  • Modelling Gigs 
  • Requests from my fans

So Welcome to my blog and I hope that you all enjoy it

Amos xxx