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Finding Amos Part 2

Finding Amos Part 2

"A home is not a home without a dog.'

Me and Janek hanging out - just the two of us

Me and Janek hanging out - just the two of us

So Saturday morning comes around and we are up and ready.  Janek and I have never woken up on a Saturday as early as we woke up on this Saturday.  Now this is Saturday 28th March 2015 just to set the scene.

You see you can not put dogs on hold at RSPCA so we had to make sure that we were there first. 
I mean can you imagine someone else going out with the same thoughts to meet the exact same dog.  No way, Amos was going to be ours.

We had to have him.

And you should have heard us the whole way there.  All we could talk about was Amos.  I think we were just so nervous about getting him we hadn't actually thought past the whole we will have a dog with us at home tonight and what will we do?!

So we arrived and do not worry I was first through the door but you see we made the mistake of going straight over to the dog area instead of the reception.

So we walked around for 15 minutes looking for Amos and slowly starting to freak out because we could not see him!! Panicking we went up to the reception desk and inquired about him.  Thankfully no one had jumped in before us.

One of the first few photos taken at our home - you can see exactly how skinny he was

One of the first few photos taken at our home - you can see exactly how skinny he was

We then met with the amazing volunteers at RSPCA Wacol who asked many questions about us and our situation.  They did such an amazing job at making sure that we could provide for Amos and that we would take good care of him.  The very first thing they said to us, was you know that Amos is an indoor dog right?  You see Amos is an escape artist and on his CV his list of current talents includes :

- Strong digger

- Excellent jumper

- Tree climber

- Speedy Gonzales 

- Needy and gets bored easily

Where we phased by any of this?... no way!!! We knew we would do whatever it took to give him the best life ever so we would sort all of that out later.  We just wanted to give him a loving home.

So after an hour we got to meet him.  We were so excited.  But scared, what if he didn’t like us?  Because dude we already love you.

Now lets stop right here and go back and look at this photo and tell me he does not look small.


I will never forget that moment that Amos came strutting his stuff down the footpath with his collar, lead and a volunteer.  

2 thoughts popped into my mind :

1. Far out he’s like double the size we thought he would be

2. He’s the one, I love him.  He’s coming home with us

As Amos pulled the volunteer down the foot path he walked right past us and we went into the off leash area to observe him.  Well in true Amos style he paid no attention to us, nose down and bum up and off he went.  He was however very excited to see a bunch of kids at the fence, not us, but he went and said hello.   He was so friendly so we were like great he’s good with kids.  We tried to get him to sit….. hmm we will have to work on that.

It was a done deal, we already knew he was for us.  We signed the paperwork, they removed his stitches as he’d only been desexed recently and off we walked - and by walk I mean Amos dragged us - to the RSPCA World For Pets Super store  to buy the essentials :

  • Dog food
  • Toys (these toys don’t exist anymore - actually they didnt survive the night!)
  • Treats for training
  • Clicker
  • Dog bed (he ate this bed within a week)
  • Collar, lead and halter

And just like that we now we have a dog.
Just 60 hours after first seeing his face on the internet.

Join us next week for the drive home and our very first day together.


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Mel, Jan and Amos Pearce - our little family xxxx

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