My name is Amos and welcome to my blog.  Life after rescue rocks for me so please join me and follow my life adventures.

3 Unique Rescue Dog Hats for Dog Owners and Lovers

3 Unique Rescue Dog Hats for Dog Owners and Lovers

Charcoal Grey hat with black logo

Charcoal Grey hat with black logo

If you have fallen in love with my rescue dog Amos and his nose, you may find yourself anxiously awaiting his face to pop up on your Instagram feed every day.  

Well guess what?

Wait no longer my friends because now you can have his nose all the time on your very own dog hat.  Designed by a dog owner, for the avid dog owner or lover, and available to purchase now.

Photo at  A  loha Hound ,  I am wearing  Rescue Strong T Shirt  + Amos  bow tie

Photo at Aloha Hound,  I am wearing Rescue Strong T Shirt + Amos bow tie

Dog Hats

Rescue Dogs

I honestly had no idea how unique and special Amos’s nose was when we first adopted him.  I mean Amos is our first dog, and as I have mentioned before, I never used to like dogs so no I never looked at their noses!

It wasn't until I learnt how to take a proper photo of Amos’s face, one that wasn’t blurry, that I noticed people commenting on how unique and cool Amos’s nose was.  Don’t get me wrong, I knew Amos was special but I just did not realise how special his nose was.  I loved him for him not just his nose.

Collar by  Borgin & Barks

Collar by Borgin & Barks

Having adopted Amos from RSPCA Queensland we are eternally grateful to them for saving our little boy.  Who know’s what would have happened to him without them.  Redlands Pound also played a huge role in saving Amos.  I think we are just lucky that Amos has such a beautiful, friendly personality and temperament that he would have gone up to the first human he saw on his travels and begged for love.

So we use our activity on social media to spread the word of adoption and to encourage people to consider adopting a rescue dog.  

But how could this speckled, freckled nose help others even more ??


Pet Rescue

Now as time went on, I kept trying to brainstorm ways that I could raise money to donate to RSPCA as an expression of our gratitude and to help others find their forever homes.  Now I can't sew so, unfortunately, Amos’s fashion line went out the window!

So what on earth was I going to do?

I kept thinking of Amos’s nose but I did not know how to make it work because really, why would you buy something with my dog's nose on it when you can get something with your own dog.  
It was going to have to be special...

So I enlisted the help of a friend and talented Graphic Designer Jake Goodall to assist us in creating my vision.  I wanted to come up with an abstract interpretation of Amos’s nose so that:

  1.  It was identifiable as his nose if you knew him
  2.  It didn’t feel like you were just buying something with Amos's face on it

If you have watched the Netflix TV series “12 monkeys” I kept thinking of the cover photo in my head!!!

Together we came up with the following logo based on Amos’s nose and I love it ! :

So let’s talk about my words….

Dog Quotes

Adopt Don't Shop

Amos is a rescue dog and I am proud to be his mum and friend.  However, there are so many beautiful dogs out there that deserve a second chance at life.  Now please, that does not mean that I do not like purebred dogs because that could not be further from the truth.  Having a rescue dog has actually opened my eyes to just how many different breed dogs there are and I can now say that I love all dogs.  It does not matter where they come from they all deserve to live a beautiful life in a loving and safe home.  

However, because my eyes have been opened to rescue I will and always will rescue.

But sometimes people are after a certain breed of dog to fit their lifestyle or they perhaps do not have the time to commit to a rescue dog.  The last thing we want is someone rescuing a dog and then having to return them.  Please note not all rescue dogs need extra attention, however, a lot of them do because we just have no idea what they have been exposed to and it often requires time, patience, commitment, understanding and love.  But everyone has love to give in their hearts.

Through Instagram, I have become good friends with a beautiful girl in Perth who I was speaking to about rescue and my choice of words for my product.  I was concerned that using “Adopt Don’t Shop” would create some stigma and alienate some people.  She said to me that she loves rescue dogs and had always wanted a rescue dog however she was dead set on getting a Shiba Inu and there just wasn’t a rescue Shiba Inu available at the time.  Therefore she chose to get her gorgeous boy from a breeder however fully supports rescue dogs.

So we stuck with the logo and if you can not rescue, donating to rescue is a great way to support!

So I am so excited to be finally releasing our FIRST PRODUCT with the logo based on our Amos's nose.


Mens Hats + Womens Hats

Available for $34.95 + shipping with $5/hat sold being donated to RSPCA Queensland.

For this 1st round of orders we currently have 50 HATS AVAILABLE so please get in quick

  • 25 x black caps with white logo
  • 20 x charcoal grey caps with black logo
  • 5 x light grey caps with black logo

Once these have been sold I will keep you updated on the next release and likely be taking

We are currently shipping to Australia and United States.  I am currently looking into shipping options for United Kingdom, Europe and cheaper options for US so bear with me!  

My Husband rocking his Charcoal Grey Cap

My Husband rocking his Charcoal Grey Cap

LIFE AFTER RESCUE Caps available for Pre Order soon




We are hoping to be releasing shirts, tote bags and other limited release products in time and we can't wait to share it all with you.  Please do get in touch if you are after specific product.


We can’t wait to see you all rocking our caps so please tag @amospearce on your Instagram shots and use the #imwithamos

Thank you so much for your support my friends and I honestly can’t wait to trek on over to RSPCA and hand in our first lot of donations.

Thanks guys

Love Mel and Amos

I am wearing the Black Hat with white logo 

I am wearing the Black Hat with white logo 

Support Rescue 

Support Rescue 

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