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A Natural Tick Collar For Dogs

A Natural Tick Collar For Dogs

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.

Looking for a natural alternative?  If you are like me and don’t like the idea of the stock standard Tick and Flea preventatives out there, you may be seeking a natural alternative.  After extensive research and speaking to numerous people, with the guidance of our Canine Naturopath we swapped Amos over to natural a tick and flea preventative 2.5 years ago and had been managing amazingly with no ticks.  Recently I found 2 ticks on Amos and decided it was time to up the preventatives.  So I headed to trusty google to see what I could find.  And find I did!

Amos loving his  Darren and Phillip Pyjamas  and his  Baltic Amber  collar

Amos loving his Darren and Phillip Pyjamas and his Baltic Amber collar

Baltic Amber

You see I had heard of Baltic Amber collars a couple of years ago as a natural tick and flea preventative from our Canine Naturopath Lyndall Pinchen from Canine Vitality.  At the time I didn’t feel the need as we had never found a tick on Amos and he was on the preventative remedy. 

As you all know from watching our Instagram stories, Amos and I go to the creek anywhere from 2-5 times a week and we have never found a tick on Amos in the 3.5 years that we have had him.  I mean, we check him obsessively and to be honest, I am surprised we have not found one prior to this.  Unfortunately, recently we found 2 in 2 weeks and we aren’t sure whether he got them from our house or the creek.  I decided it was time to relook at the Baltic Amber collar as I don’t want him to ever have to stop swimming at the creek just because of ticks.

Amos enjoying some stick time at the creek after his swimming.

Amos enjoying some stick time at the creek after his swimming.

Ticks on Dogs

Before we discuss the collar, I want to highlight where I found the ticks too as one spot I admit to not doing a diligent enough check.  Every time we get back from the creek the routine is the same.  We remove the dog zone from the car, we clean the dog zone (which basically means hose play for Amos) and I hose him down.  

After I have hosed Amos down, I do a thorough check of his body to check for ticks.  Being a short haired dog, my job is a lot easier.  In terms of spots to check, I remember reading a post on Instagram about a year ago about checking your dogs teeth and ears for ticks.  I never even thought that would be likely but every day I check these spots to make sure.

So with the two ticks I found and with Amos being a short haired dog, you would think it would be easy but they were still not that noticeable.  I have no idea how you guys with long haired dogs manage to do it all!

This is where I found Amos’s ticks...

Preventative Tick Collar

Baltic Amber is a fossilised tree resin that comes from 6 different varieties of pine trees in the Baltics.  The reason trees bleed their resin is to protect themselves from infection and parasites.

Parasites get caught in the sticky resin, therefore saving the tree. Parasites do not have noses, but they have ‘haller organs’ behind their front legs. This is their sensory organ, and it perceives the smell of tree resin as a natural threat, as they think they are going to get ‘stuck’ in it.  This is essence is the basis of how Baltic Amber works.

Baltic Amber Collar by  Amber Therapy

Baltic Amber Collar by Amber Therapy

Tick Collar

So just why would you wear one?

  • Repels Ticks, Fleas & Mites
  • Long Lasting & Chemical Free
  • Worn to calm anxious animals
  • Pain Relief & Skin Conditions
  • Safe - Natural and therefore non toxic

Baltic Amber also contains about 8% succinic acid which is a naturally occurring anti-inflammatory hence its potential role in pain relief.  

    Tick Repellant

    So just how does it work?
    When your dog wears a Baltic Amber collar, it protects them in 2 ways :

    1. The friction caused between the collar and the fur of your dog provides an electrostatic barrier, so parasites cannot cling to their fur. 

    2. The friction also produces an aromatic repellant (terpenes) that works through the coat of your dog. Parasites perceive this smell as a natural threat as they believe they will get ‘stuck’ in it, and therefore deters them.

    It is important to note that the collar does not kill tick and fleas as it is not poison.  It acts as a repellent.

    Pet Tick and Flea Collar

    Tick Collar For Dogs

    We received our Tick Collar from Amber Therapy and we absolutely love it.  The Toffee Amber necklace looks so amazing against Amos’s coat.

    It is important to note, that all collars will look different in terms of bead size, shape and colour because Baltic Amber is a natural product not man-made.  I think that makes it even more special.  Amos has a unique collar!

    The collar also has a hardwood tag engraved with “Amber Therapy” on it to show its authenticity and it also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

    Amber Therapy  Collar

    Care of your Tick and Flea Collar

    It is advised not to wear the collar in water so with Amos, he wears it all the time except just before we go to the creek we take it off.  Because Amos wears it all the time the aroma will still be present on his coat.  It should also be removed for bathtime time.

    The collar can last up to 18 months when used for repelling ticks and fleas and will last indefinitely if using it for pain relief.

    Note that the collar should NOT be used as a restraint and should be removed in rough play. 

    So lets talk more about the company.


    Amber Therapy Shop  Photo Taken by Cassandra of Amber Therapy

    Amber Therapy Shop
    Photo Taken by Cassandra of Amber Therapy

    As you know I like to share the faces behind the companies and provide a bit more information to give it a more personal feel.  So let's get to know the people behind Amber Therapy.  

    Allow me to introduce Brett and Cassandra.

    Brett and Cassandra Photo taken by Cassandra of  Amber Therapy

    Brett and Cassandra
    Photo taken by Cassandra of Amber Therapy

    We asked Cassandra and Brett the following 4 questions:

    1.  Why Did I Start my Business?

    Dogs need us as much as we need them. I see my dogs as the best “therapy” one can ask for. 

    What can I do in return? Find healthy and natural ways to keep their health and wellbeing the best it can be. With so many medications on the market these days, I wanted to develop a natural product that did not have the word “poison” on the box. Affordability was a strong point too, as our best friends can be expensive at times! Having kids, I didn’t want to have to stop them from playing with or touching our dogs for 24hrs after putting a liquid poison onto their coats either. Our cat, Stella, broke her leg when she was months old, and she had surgery to mend it, but we were amazed at how quickly she healed and had stopped limping within 10 days after her operation. 

    After seeing it with our own eyes and receiving amazing feedback through email and our facebook page, I knew then that we needed to get this product out there and available in as many towns as possible to help families with pets everywhere!

    2. How many dogs do you Have?

    Yes we have 2 dogs. Paris, a Black Labra-doodle and Milo, a Chocolate Labrador

    3. Why did you get a dog ?

    I have always found pets therapeutic. When we finished building the house - we decided it was time to buy a new puppy, providing her with almost an acre to run around - and the beach across the road. We met the breeder, and then we chose Paris. Around the same time as picking her up, we found out I was pregnant, so she was my special friend through the 9 months of pregnancy. 

    4. Describe myself in 3 words...

    Compassionate - about what I stand for

    Determined - to offer a natural alternative for pets around the world

    Family-Orientated - our small family business delivering a natural handmade product made from our family to yours.

    And some extra information…

    My Dream is to have multiple suppliers in Australia distributing our natural product so every family has an option to choose natural over chemicals for their 4 legged friends! We offer 30% off R.R.P to our distributors.

    We currently have 2 suppliers in Victoria, 1 in Queensland and are hoping to expand into N.S.W, S.A, W.A, NT an TAS by the end of the year!

    Price Comparison

    We also did a comparison of costs, so for example, a medium sized Amber Collar would cost about $42.00 and this equates to $3.00 per month over 14 months (as our collars last between 12-18months).

    To purchase a box of Advantage for a medium dog to protect from fleas for 6 months is $73.09 which equates to $12.18 per month.

    Isn’t it just so nice getting to know the faces behind the company.  This makes me love them even more!!!

    Amos rocking his  Pet Haus Denim Jacket  and his  Baltic Amber collar

    So we have been using the collar for the past 4-6 weeks now and are loving it.  You need to wear it all the time and as mentioned it is ideal for it not to get wet.  So we take it off for swimming and then it goes back on when we get home.

    I was worried about it rolling up as when Amos sleeps he moves alot and slides down but that is just me being paranoid.  He looks pretty comfy to me...

    Amos asleep in his  Baltic Amber Collar  Matching Pyjamas by  Darren and Phillip

    Amos asleep in his Baltic Amber Collar
    Matching Pyjamas by Darren and Phillip

    Tick Repellant

    Along with wearing this collar, I was searching on Pinterest, as you do, and I came across this incredible DIY tick repellant spray that I now spray on Amos before we go to the creek.  Super easy to make and seems to be lasting a while.  The hardest part is me remembering to put it on!   

    A Natural Tick Collar For Dogs.png

    So what Tick and Flea preventative do you use? Do you use a Baltic Amber Collar?
    Leave us a comment below as we would love to read what you have to say!

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